Friday, July 8, 2011

So what lesson did I learn today? Instead of repeating "no" for every one of my daugther's "outside play"'s,(mostly because it was torrential downpouring outside, and even our covered porch was soaked) I simply opened the kitchen door and let her out. It took her all of five minutes, less then half the time I argued with her, to decide she really didn't want to go out anyway. Mommy wins!

Since I was up at 4am yesterday, I was rather ambitious and made myself a little list on the refrigerator of things to do. It looked something like this:

Fold Laundry
Fix Air Mattress
Put Up Dishes
Fill Dishwasher
Make Lemonade
Scrub Downstairs Toilet

Today, it looks exactly the same. On a bright note, I did manage to get a much needed 4 hour nap yesterday, and a shower today. Two things that may not have made it onto the list, but certainly needed done! The only way I was able to take a shower is because DD has decided she likes showers, as long as she doesn't really get wet......I'm still not sure how DH manages to wash her off, but hey, I don't have to know.

Speaking of DH, I do believe he will be moving to the third shift sometime by the end of this month. While I'm a little stressed on how I'm going to manage two kids all by myself for 4 days and keep DD from banging down his door while he sleeps, I am slightly looking forward to nights sleeping in the bed, and not on the couch. It's not a terrible arrangement, unless it's one of those frequent nights when DD is awake hours past DH going to bed, and I have to occupy her, and the baby. And then get them both to sleep. LittlestDD has to have perfect conditions for sleeping, and DD has to have a hold of at least my arm in order to go to sleep. Last night was tricky. And by tricky I mean I was in the floor between both girls, nursing one and trying to cuddle the other. It was most uncomfortable and very frustrating. I guess we have officially made it out of the honeymoon phase (was there even one to speak of?) and DD just wants her mommy back.

I've successfully taught DD that it is perfectly acceptable behavior to yell and throw things when you're having a bad day. I think we might be tied for "most tantrums thrown" this week. Last night's was a doozy, on both ends. I don't generally mind what we watch on TV. At one point in time we were letting DD get her own DVDs out and change them, since both were in her reach. This worked well for a while, until the novelty of it wore off, baby sister arrived, and it became a battle for her not to changed them every two seconds (a literal two seconds). Or she just opened them all, took them all out, and strew them all over the floor, which was just as annoying. So all the DVD's got put up out of her reach, though the DVD player is still accessible (much to our dismay). We finished watching Toy Story 3 for the hundredth time, DH was in bed (for only a few minutes) and DD decided she wanted to change the dvd's instead of rewatching Toy Story again. So I asked her what she wanted to watch, to which she replied with silence, while pointing and grunting at her DVD's (she can say the titles to just about everything she watches). I could feel my blood pressure rising, so I picked her up so she could just grab what she wanted. She progressed to pointing out everyone of her DVD's all the while not deciding on a single one. I asked again what she wanted to watch, even making suggestions, I told her to pick one or I was counting to three and then it was my turn to pick. So I did. And she started screaming and crying. So we went through the WHOLE PROCESS AGAIN. She still didn't pick anything out, so I put in something for her, again. (I'm sure at this point in time I had yelled a few times to "just pick out something" and other less kid friendly phrases) More tears and crying and screaming and massive temper tantruming. So I picked her up, threw her over my shoulder and carried her upstairs and threw her in bed with DH and told her to just go to sleep. Of course, this just resulted in 15 minutes of her screaming and kicking and crying upstairs.

At least when I finally went back up and got her, she sat on the couch quietly and let me watch Tangled. (SUPER CUTE!) And to anyone who says the Terrible Two's are a myth (my mother), they obviously never had a toddler, or gave them away for a few years!

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