Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm Back!

I know. None of you even noticed I was gone. And that's ok. I don't blame you. I'm pretty boring most days.
My test run of Wordpress came to an end today when I realized there really is no way, that I could find, to cheat customization. And I decided that was more important then a flashy phone app. I've been so excited to create new blogwear using the Hopes and Dreams kit by Secret Stash. I absolutely love the look of this kit, and couldn't think of any better way to show it off then to decorate with it. But apparently Wordpress didn't agree with me. I could easily change my background, but I couldn't get any text colors changed, or dividers, and it was really annoying. So here I am. I'm still not completely sure I'm done with the background image, but its a start. I still have to add all my dividers tags, signature (toying around with using the bamboo to make a handwritten one!) and a header image. I won't lie, its probably going to take a while to get it looking exactly like I want, especially with the kids being as demanding as they are, and us getting ready to move.

That's right, we are moving. Again. We "rented" our house out for a bit, in hopes the tenants were going to buy it from us come June. Well, they have decided they don't want to buy it ( I can't really blame them, I regret buying it and want to move out. This is horribly inconvenient, but I won't deny that fact that I saw it coming. We are currently renting a townhouse (that is probably TWICE the size of our house) two hours away from where the house is, cause this is where the hubby works. I won't lie that I utterly despise this town, and that I am BEYOND excited to moving back to our "home" town (we both have lived there for over 10 years, though none of our families live close). I however, am not looking forward to 1) trying to fit in an 800 square foot home. I am thankful there is an unfinished basement and a yard, though. Having no yard is really tough when you have little kids! 2) We JUST traded in our car, a few months back, for an SUV. Due to the amount of negative equity (we've traded a vehicle every year for the past four years....doh..), there is no way to get rid of it now. Our carpayment is cringe worthy. The Rav4 gets pretty good gas mileage (at least, for the twice yearly trips we essentially got it for), it however, does not get good enough gas mileage to make the four hour (round trip) drive it would be making every four days. So this means, find ANOTHER car...that's cheap...and gets good gas mileage. Not very easy. 3) We had planned on taking our tax return and bonus this spring and paying off over half our debt. Now, we have to save that money to cover the cost of maintaining another car, making the payments and gas, and to provide a "cushion" in case things go terribly wrong. Needless to say, I'm pretty upset and overwhelmed by the amount of financial stress this is going to put on us, again, after we were making strides to get ahead. But I guess that's life, eh? I guess there is always NEXT year...and then there is 4) the hubby still has to work two hours away. Which means not only the before mentioned drive but also the fact that he will be gone for four days (and then home for four, rinse, repeat..except for cases of snow, regional visits, inventory, co-worker vacation coverage, you get the idea...where his rotation could be changed randomly). Last time we did this we only had one kid I had to take care of. Now there are two, and I'm a little angst about being a "single parent", even if it is just for a few days at a time. But again, he is on overnights, and we only see him briefly on work days maybe this will work out better. At least when he is home, I should be easier to deal with since I will have friends to see on a regular basis, instead of being isolated at home all the time.

I'm also a little apprehensive about having to learn to drive ( I mean, if we are going to have two cars, by gosh I'm going to be driving one of them!). And in fairness, it's about darned time. I just really feel like that "you can't teach an old dog  new tricks" cliche. I guess it really can't be that hard, right? Anyhoo....enough rambling for right now. I'll be back soon, I promise. I even have a couple of entries to bring over from the other blog, so stay tuned!

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