Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Car Owner, Twice Over!

Today was exhausting. I've spent more time in car dealerships in the past year then I care to. Upgrading from the Dodge Avenger to a crossover SUV proved to be painful enough. We researched, we drove, we ran numbers, we drove, we researched, we got denied at a few places, and then FINALLY ended up with a vehicle that worked for our needs and we liked. And now our needs have changed again. The hubby has been researching cheap fuel efficient vehicles so religiously my head has been spinning. Honestly, I'm glad the search is over, even if the payment makes me a little queasy. Our car payments now total more then our mortgage. I keep reminding myself there are plenty of families out there with two vehicle payements. This is normal. I mean, if I drove, I'd be expected to have my own car, and would probably be making payments on it. I have come to the conclusion I had a fairly naive concept of how much cars cost. And how much that pricetag equates to monthly. But regardless, today we came home with a Nissan Versa (beep beep!). Our intetions were to just go look at them again. But once we got there, we noticed they were on sale. For a only little bit more then the cheapest, useable used car, we could get a new one today, on closeout for 2011. Instead of holding out and risking not finding anything, we just went for it. Here's hoping this doesn't end up backfireing on us, like it seems all our other decisions do!

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