Monday, July 4, 2011

Whew what a day! I would say I had a constructive day, but no, not really! Haha. One of the girls over at Scrap Orchard turned me on to "Google Reader" and I have literally spent all day subscribing to all my blogs on there, and moving all my non-blogspot blogs to it as well. I will NEVER miss a blog post again!! I'm so excited to have it all in one place, right at my fingertips with no links to click! No redirecting my browser, unless I really just want to go to the actual website. I can follow all the designers I love, all the stores I want, any fellow scrappers...all of it! In one spot!! If you aren't using it, you should be!! Apparently I've been using the web like it was still 1999 and it's time to step it up and keep up with technology!

It's actually making me a little excited to "blog" again. I haven't done an online journal of any sort it YEARS. I used to journal a little with my old Myspace account, and well, I haven't logged into it in over two years. So needless to say, I'm a little rusty. When I started this little blogspace, I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with, and other then use it as my "scrapping" blog, I'm still not sure how much of my personal life I'll let creep out, but who knows!

As far as my 4th of July goes, we had a small cookout for the In-Laws. Of course, it came a torrential downpour and the grilling had to be done on the patio under the canopy, and socializing was done inside rather than out! But that's okay, DH still made his AWESOME grilled potatoes. Did I mention they were AWESOME? We are one potato loving family...! :) We skipped the fireworks, since DD has a chronic fear of loud noises (only recently has she gotten over her fear of moving vehicles) and the littlest one is entirely too little to take as well, we are saving it for next year!

I've been severely lacking in scrapping this past week. I've been playing around in a new community, the babies have been pretty touchy, and due to the hardrive on the laptop busting at the seams, I've been hesitant to push Photoshop and risk an unrecoverable hard drive crash. Thankfully, pay day is a few days away, and I'll be picking up a passport drive of some sort and alleviate some of my fears of the laptop dying. I've snuck in a bit of shopping this week, and am eager to get to scrapping with it! :)

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