Monday, January 16, 2012

Lazy Days

I declared today, and the next three days, while hubby is working,  Lazy Days. I'm so tired of trying to be productive, while at home with two kids, and I just give up. I can't blog, I can't scrap, I can't surf, I can't do dishes, I can't read a magazine. I can't do anything. I don't know how other mom's with kids this small do anything. I literally feel like I have one on each leg all day long, for every trip up and down the stairs to fetch a diaper, a pacifier, a toy, a pair of socks, a clean shirt.....ugh. I don't see how I'm still so overweight with all the exercise, but I am. Double UGH.

I haven't scrapped a page since..........................................................weeks before Christmas?

And on my hubby's day off, he is just as demanding and needy as the kids are. Thank god the car search is over, because if I had to waste one more minute driving through a car lot, I was probably going to go insane. I mean, I've had three years of sleepless nights, is it really necessary to waste Mary-Anne's car naps on looking at freaking cars?!

All in all, today wasn't to bad of a day. For the majority, there were no breakdowns. Big A got a little touchy over some toys, but we managed to smooth it over. She has to learn to share sometime, right? She just needs some practice, but all in all, she is going pretty good. She loves her little sister, and it's so sweet to see her interact with her all day. She makes funny noises, or tries acting silly when Little M is fussy, or tries to tickle her, saying "tickle tickle tickle". It's so adorable.

Tonight while I was trying to work on my layout for the Scrap Orchard Template MIS, she put on her panda hat and my slip on shoes and said to me, "Look Mom, I'm so cute! Take a picture!" haha, so I did!

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